Hey sweeties! How are you ?

Today's wind is crazy, my windows are poppin' open, lol. I was literally sunbathing in my garden on Tuesday, that was so nice tho. It's almost weekend again, haven't been out for a long time to be honest. Should go a little crazy, I think, might be having fun in clubs or nah. These places don't really amuse me these days anymore. Anyway!
The 'Beauty Fair'  (Ilumess) is coming on May 15th-17th, hope to see you there. I will be doing make up with great prices, so don't forget to come to me. Let's give these beautiful faces a little Spark! 
Oh, I love my new highlights, thank you for my great hairdresser.

 These '2' cheesecake pieces turned into 4 after driving a car yesterday. :))


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