Today's Workout

Heeey! How's everybody doing? 
When I was living in Stockholm for a year, I did eat and party A LOT. Everything was so new and gooood, though I've always loved food sincerely, you know me. I didn't even work out in Sweden, since I stopped dancing. How stupid!? Yeah, 2 or 3 times doing somewhere somehow something, whatever. Oh, except the bike riding, my legs have always been in shape but everything else had fallen apart. I don't want to even think about it, if I hadn't driven a bike that often as I did.
On 19th of  December I looked at the mirror and was like ' What the hell are you doing to yourself?'. I gained 6-7 kg (approx 13,2 pounds) while I was in Sweden. Since 21st of December (2014)  I've been on a strict diet, which my dad told me about. He has a lot of experience and knowledge in these things, so he has been my mentor. You know what was the hardest part? I started at the same time when people were over eating, so my motivation was even bigger. Yes, I did eat on Christmas, but not too much though.. And I was kinda dying on the 3rd day, but that feeling passed, it was just temporary. Not to overeat, that's the key. 
I have been working out and eating well since then..  except for some birthday parties, people do break down sometimes, don't judge me. I have eaten chocolate too - dark chocolate.
The things that I don't eat anymore is white flour and white sugar. I know that I will get this little bit of white sugar from chocolate and things like that, but it's okay to have it sometimes - not too often though. The success of healthy lifestyle is to know which things to eat together and to eat it clean. There's one secret to it more, that not to drink (water, coffee etc
) 1 hour before or after you had your meal. Chicken, quark, vegetables, oatmeal, nuts, fruits etc are my best friends now. Well, you know me, I won't forget chocolate, that will always be in my life, hah, lol. Seriously!
The most important thing is that I feel great, positive and am happy about myself.
Okay, no more bullshit, get your asses to the gym or have a Big Mac Meal.
Your choice!
Take care.


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