Throwback to Stockholm part I

I came to Stockholm last September. It's been a great year. Ups and downs, from hell to heaven.
I know that Stockholm is my second home now but I have to explore the world more before I settle down somewhere. To be honest I can say that I love the city of Stockholm, it's so beautiful, but the Swedish people..that's something totally different. As an sarcastic, crazy, changing and not routine loving person, I don't match with Swedish people. But with my chameleon gemini character I managed to get a long with them, I had to hold myself back a lot though. 
They tend to be really sensitive and it's hard to crack jokes with/on them. They may smile when you pass by them, but inside they are totally opposite comparing to an Estonian. I have gotten to know them, some of more some of less. I even changed in some point and became more sensitive because of them, but it's just not me, so I am back how I've always been (sarcastic humor and straight forward), just more understanding. I am SO grateful though, that I have had a great Estonian friend here from the beginning, with her I have been able to be myself and let the 'crazy sides' out of me, which I love to do quite often.  
I believe it's hard to understand for the people who haven't lived in Sweden before, but I hope I can give some reflections from my experience, without sugar coating things. 
Of course I had good relationships with the Swedish people, but if you can't express your true sides, then I don't think that's right. Anyway, no hard feelings, I got love for you all, we're just different, that's all. 
My Swedish family is an exception though, we were meant to find each other, we have a great relationship and they are cool in every way, they tend to be too routined sometimes but that's how adulthood makes us, unless we make our own rules. 

Big thank you for all who have given me their time and support in Sweden.

If we come back to the city part, hmm, this is where I would like to spend my golden years (haha, I can't find another better word for an old person). This country is balanced and you feel safe here, it's where you would want to raise your children. But for an crazy challenge seeking person it can be boring and definitely too routined/traditional. 
If you seek a relationship here in Stockholm, then my only word is: NO.
It's hard to find love in Stockholm, because people are too scared of getting hurt, they rather party and be single forever then get hurt again. Yes, there are exceptions here, but most of the people who are in relationships/married are 'half-Swedish or immigrants'.
Fashion: cool, extravagant, crazy, lazy, comfortable, beautiful, weird, outrageous, stunning, bold.
I love the fact that men know how to dress up in Sweden, they really do. But it doesn't mean to spend more time in front of the mirror then a lady, right.. I am not so into that 'gel hair thing', but if they can suit up quite often then it's nice, though they're still not my type.
 I like the fact that I can wear what I want without people looking at me. I can go out in my comfortable PJ's and messy hair, but they would not say anything. I couldn't do that in Estonia, people would judge me, probably or definitely.
Food: I should have started with that, because we all know, Helena loooves food, especially sweets.
 It was hard to find good stuff here at first, but now I can go to the store and recommend what is good or nah. I have found some really great things here, but still Estonian food kicks ass, sorry Sweden. ;) 
Okay, I am getting tired here, I don't want to get rude or be to harsh. I still love you Stockholm but it's time for some American life soon. First let me take a home trip..
  Part 2 of throwbacks coming next Thursday, if you have any questions about Sweden, then don't hesitate to ask. I would love to put up pictures with the kids too, but I have to protect their privacy.
Take care everyone.


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