Back in Stockholm

Hey everyone! 
Haven't found much time for blogging this Summer. Should be writing more about make up and some instructional posts or something. My head is just overloaded all the time, so I am not really productive lately.
I am back in Stockholm since yesterday. I'm not gonna be here for long though, going to the States soon. Just wanna say big thanks to my friends and family for making this Summer the best of them all. We did so much together and I appreciate every moment we had. 
My moms did a chemical peel to me 2 days ago, feeling 'super pretty', so I ain't going to the city til Friday, hah. Gotta get that skin better, I just have a real bad habit hurting my face always.
 Went to school today tho' but didn't want to stay there for long, don't feel like explaining it to people.
I hope you all enjoyed your Summer and made the best out of it.
See you when I see you. 


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