My Life in Stockholm

So ...
You probably all wonder what I've been doing here in Stockholm, only posting some photos about parties, fun events, etc. I am just not that person who wants to show so much of emotions or share intimate things in public, I want to hold my stressful times or weird emotions to myself and share them only with my closest ones, it's just who I am, hope you understand. I've been thinking here some days how to start writing this, but what the hell I'll just share my thoughts that I have right now.. I won't get into details so much though..
Journey in Stockholm began last September 2013. With almost 10 months I have seen, felt, and accomplished a lot of things and lived through some best and not so best moments and lessons in my life.
The most important thing that I am grateful of is my Swedish family and being part of this family has changed me a lot. The most significant change was, how to push yourself through with the thought of being the only child in the family all in your lifetime and suddenly to move in with a family with 7 members, that seems grazy right. Yeah, that was hard for me at the beginning, but I got used to it and I can say it's been the best lesson and experience in my life. To share a home with 7 people and to care about each other, damn, oh I forgot our rabbit. I can say that I am super lucky to have them. Everything happens for a reason they say.. well I'd like to believe so.. I think that this family was a reason for me.. Even my host mother's birthday is the same day as my real mom's, these little freaky things.. I wouldn't change anything and I'm feeling blessed to have a home to always come to.
About friends and other awsome people.. hmm.. Some of them have gotten deep into my heart and I won't let them out of there so easily, that's just me. I am talking about my Estonians and Swedish people in here. They all have had a hudge affect on me and I am really happy to have them in my life. I've learned from many and spent the best moments with them.
I am proud of myself that I've managed to learn Swedish quickly, I will continue with my studies this August, it's going to be a high school level language now. I am thinking to start with the University here as well, but I don't know yet. I'd like to study global management or something in bussiness area. It would be a good base if I want to start my own bussiness with make up? or just to have a back up plan. University in Estonia didn't go so good, because I didn't like that school and environment, was feeling like in Soviet Union and not like fitting in. I am scared of having the same problem again, but I've already been to the University here, just for some appointments but it felt great. The environment and the  overall feeling was completely different and only in a positive way.
I am proud that I've picked myself up though I was a mess in one period, so stressful and no motivation or anything. Seeing things differently now, not thinking so much, because that's the bad thing about me, I keep thinking things worse than they really are. To live in a moment and appreciate it, that's hard to do sometimes.
I want to thank all the people who have been next to me in this time and who still are. People who have helped me in any way or just been a good friend.. My appreciation and love goes all for you. And of course the people who I have worked together with in different activities like events, film shootings, make up, dancing etc. It's been great and still is because it's not the end just the beginning. 
One more week til Estonia, going to spend half of the Summer there and then coming back to Stockholm in August or sometime then.. I feel that I want to be in Stockholm, it's just so beautiful city with a lot to offer, of course I want to travel to other countries as well..  just got to start somewhere, right..
Okay, enough of me now, hope you're all doing good and are ready to enjoy the upcoming Summer.


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