I am so glad that January is finally over, I was starting to think that it will never end. That was one slow month. So this month I am starting to go to SFI finally,because I need that paper in the future. And alsoooo so many people from Estonia are coming to Stockholm. It's like every weekend on February someone will be here, im so happy about that. My best friend is coming for Valentine's weekend, then some of my family members and on 1st of March it's already Drake's concert. 
I've been taking it really easy, but it feels nice not to be grazy all the time, like partying and running around so much. Thinking to go to Tallinn for a cruise but in the end of February or something, need to see my mother and cat, really miss them.. I don't know what more to share with you guys right now, maybe just my happiness because I'm gonna see many important people soon.. 

2 random pictures from today


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