Be Your Better Self

Hi everyone, how are you.. I am good, I hope you are too. When I arrived to Stockholm on Monday then it was little strange to be here again. I think because it was really good holiday with family and friends in Estonia but now I am back on track and feeling better. As I promised that I will take it easy.. it's been good so far except with candy, this addiction is back again. I am weak of staying away from candy, you can laugh but it's serious stuff for me.
On the first of March going to see Drake in Stockholm with my friends from Estonia, so excited. :) 
As I see that January is 'taking it easy month' for everyone who I know. People are trying to be better selves including myself but will see how that will turn out.
On Thursday we went to university with my friend Triin to get more information about applying for this Autumn. Really want to study in 'Stckholms Universitetet' but I need to take care of my paper work, like translating my grades to English and do a TOEFL or a IELTS test. I wish myself good luck with that, I am so good forgetting these important things or just saying I got time til I don't anymore.

Got this sweet yellow sweater from TOPSHOP


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