Enjoying the last in Tallinn

On Sunday I am going to Stockholm and going to stay there.. to live, to work, to study.. I have wanted this for a long time and finally I am going. Of course always when you are leaving, people are offering you great opportunites with your work or whatever but then you're already leaving. Actually Im not even sad but I am SO clumsy, yesterday I fell down the stairs so hard, many parts are broken and hurt, thank god that I covered my face and fell to the hand. I know it's my fault, but every little detail just makes me want to leave already. I have some lasts make up jobs here and people to meet. On Saturday we will go grazy with the party, haha,  so on Sunday I will be dead while going. Im going to miss my friends, but I am so close to Tallinn (just a boat trip away) so we can always visit. 


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