Everything Happens For a Reason?

I wanted to share this with you because it happened to me, it can happen to you and it can happen to anyone. 
On Saturday I came home from work 22:30, I felt really bad because I had a terrible cold since Wednesday. I had just healed from angina and I had some breathing obstacles since past three weeks. I thought that I'm going to the doctor next week again.
Then before bed I drank some Theraflu, ate something and went to sleep, it was 1:01. I started to change positions in bed because I didn't feel comfortable in any of it. I felt like my body or some parts of it couldn't get enough oxygen. I started to feel more awful and then quickly I checked these symptoms from safari and I couldn't find nothing that exact. I tried to breath differently but nothing worked. I was really scared because I was all alone,  I was thinking what if and so on. Then I called emergency, I don't want to know what could have happened if I hadn't called them. They asked me questions but I was feeling worse and worse and in some point I couldn't even speak anymore. Then they said their're coming, I went to the window and thank god my aunt came home from work, she lives just upstairs from us. She tried to calm me, but I was getting more nervous and my body was shaking. She called my mother as well and she came as fast as she could. The ambulance came and took me to the hospital. I was under IV drip for almost 4 hours, after the first hour I could breath normally again. They took many samples from the blood, did the X-ray and EKG as well. Everything seemed fine except my hemoglobin which was very down low (89, the normal is 160). I have had the problem with that since I was born. Just three weeks ago I had angina and those side effects (couldn't breath) were because of that, plus the current virus. Because of the hemoglobin I couldn't have had the surgery to cut out my tonsils. Now I have to visit the the doctors who exactly deal with this blood thing because this is insane. I have eaten tablets and food what have 'Fe' in it and still it hasn't raised. I had 4 times(or even 5) angina in a year, I'm so tired of it, I want to finally get better. Now I'm resting and hoping for the best.
I'm just saying to you that, if you see someone who needs help even if they say no I'm fine, then just crab their hand and help them. Or if you feel something isn't feeling okay in your body just let it checked, before something like this happens or even worse. It was just like me, I was trying to be positive, smile and thought that it will get better, but it didn't. Don't postphone important things in your life, especially if it comes to health. Hold your close ones, friends and family, don't take people for granted because you never know until it's too late.


  At 6 AM I got home


  1. Naisel on normaalne hemoglobiini tase alates 125 ja siis võib juba ka doonor olla. St sul õnneks pole nii pikk maa (kui 160ni) minna:) Head paranemist

  2. Erakorralises öeldi 160. See normaalne on 120-180. Seega alati parem rohkem kui vähem.
    Aitäh :)


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