Sweden It Is..

I'm back in Estonia now and I hope that not for long because I miss Sweden already. I'm waiting for a job interview in Stockholm,  hope everything will go well. The time I was there and when I came back, I saw the difference, huge difference between Estonians and Swedish people. It doesn't matter where you go or what you do in Sweden, people are friendly and positive. They just randomly want to help you, say hi to you or whatever. I have visited Sweden since I was 12, now I'm really hoping to live there someday..maybe very soon maybe in the future.
In Sweden, if you go out, example for a party, people just want to be around with you, not asking these questions like 'where you from', 'what you do' , 'why're you here'. They just let you be, they live their own lives. Of course people want to know who you are and what you do, but in the comfortable way, not like in Estonia..everybody wants to know everybody's business. I was mistaken many times, that I am Swedish. They started to speak in their mother language, I answered little bit something and I said okay, I don't know else, lets continue in English and then they we're like: ''ouuu, you're not from here, I taught..!??''.
.. And I love that language, I'm studying it by myself now. If you know English and Germany then it's easier to study as well.

I had my camera with me, but still did all the pictures with a phone, it was more comfortable.
Snowy Stockholm.
2 great books from great make up artist K. Aucoin.
 New favorite ones.
Good morning, too lazy to get up.

 So beautiful view in Malmk√∂ping. First time slalom skiing, one falling, proud of myself. :)


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