Past 2 weeks

Sorry for being away such a long time. Have been working, relaxing and trying to figure out my plan for the summer and also for the future. June is so far so good.. I have a lot of make up jobs because of the graduations and weddings. Also my birthday is next week on 20th of June, so I'm busy with that as well. The next week is going to be crazy. I don't think I'll manage to be here, but at least I'll try.
Some pictures about past 2 weeks..

 New purchases: BYS lipgloss and china glaze nail polish, you can see the color on the finger (I'm in love with it). China glaze nail polishers got the Cosmopolitan 2012 'best beauty product' award.
Make up and hair for Diana, she went to British ambassador elegant hat party. It was held in Pirita-Kose. I had only 40 minutes for her, because she was in a hurry.

 Apple of love from the 'Tivoli Tuur' (amusement park). I saw it for the first time and it's like apple lollipop.

McDonald's Caesar salad is pretty good.
so true :D


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