My daily facial care ..

These are some of the products that I use for my face.. First of all on the left is my soothing lotion, which I use twice a day (in the morning and in the evening after the shower).  Because the water is making the skin dry then it's very important to use soothing lotion, so the skin pH level would be right. The second from the left is my 24 h cream for dry skin. The next cream is Oxygen formula, which I use the most, because I love the smell of it :) (it's also for sallow and dry skin). These two creams I use by turns. The last cream is eye care for moisture deficient skin. I forget to use this cream often, but it's good for my eyes, especially when I use make up. My skin is normal but a little bit dry, so that's why I like thick thick consistency creams.


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