Now that the wedding is done and we've been married for 1,5 months I am starting to feel like myself again. There was just so much going on and sometimes I can't handle stress very well. I overthink and take everything on my shoulders, which I shouldn't do. It's very difficult to just let go and let things work out itself sometimes, but at least I try.
Anyway, the weather has been weird all over the world this year and also in California. It's been quite chilly here comparing to the weather that San Diego has to offer. I do love the time right before the Summer. I am so blessed to live where I live. I remember when I didn't even know anything about San Diego, it is one beautiful hidden gem. 
Here are some details from our wedding, Big thank you to my Mom-In-Law.


Big thank you to the tailors!

Well, we still have our honeymoon to figure out, can't wait! 



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