Back Again / Pre-Wedding

Hi Loves!

I am so sorry for not been blogging for such a long time. I know it's not an excuse to say I was busy, but I really was. In fact, I got married about 3 weeks ago. Yes, Me, Helena, got married
My parents and friends were here to celebrate the event with me and they left like 2 weeks ago. I am slowly getting back to the daily rhythm and understanding the reality, or not exactly. I've been always the one whose head is in the clouds, though that kind of thinking got me here, to California.
Life is mysterious and right when you think something is about to happen, it will go to the opposite direction to something unknown and sometimes to something even better. 
I was so excited to have my friends and parents here. When my dad arrived, I was sincerely happy. 
I had not seen my parents for 1,5 years until now. My mom and my friends got here a bit later though. Those hugs were the most sincere hugs I've gotten in my life. 
At first it was so stressful for me to have everyone here and also focus on the wedding. Taking it one step at a time, it got more comfortable and I understood that my friends and family are really here. 
 I am happy to have a mom in law now, who took care of so much and made our wedding perfect.
We had about 75 people, close friends and family. We called this a U.S. side of the wedding, because on such a short notice my people from Estonia couldn't make it. No worries though, they promised to throw us a wedding party in Tallinn as well - the Estonian side of the story. Second bachelor and bachelorette party, Yay! 
So many people ask me if I feel any different now by being married. I feel more secure and very happy. I feel that what ever may happen in life, I will always have this person by my side. There's nothing more exciting about having a witness to your life. I've never been afraid of commitment, I was afraid of being hurt, but if you find that one who is worth suffering for - trust me, it's worth it. 

I've never been more in Love than ever. I am happy for the choices I've made in my life. I don't regret anything, I only want more and more from life. I feel like when I have accomplished one thing, I ask '' what's next?.'' 
I hope you will enjoy the pictures and have a little bit of that feeling we had. I will probably make 3 to 4 posts about all of this. 

Plus we went to Grand Canyon before the wedding so I have to post about that as well, it was really amazing!

Here are the 2 videos from pre-wedding week :

The third one is coming soon and the wedding video will be in my next post, stay tuned!


Thanks Mike!

Many more pictures to come!


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